John Wick Film Review

john-wick-2-posterThe Boogeyman is back.  Forced back into work due to contract, the name John Wick puts fear into people.  If he’s after you, you’re already dead.  That’s how the other characters feel, especially in the first film.  This one sees him combatting other people like him, but, none match his furiosity or ability.  Just look at the poster above.  You see him bloodied up with several guns pointed at him, but he is unflinching.  HEADSHOTS.  MORE HEADSHOTS.  oh, and even more headshots.  That is the film.  “John Wick is a man of focus, commitment and sheer will. The stories you hear about this man, if nothing else, have been watered down.”  That’s the legend.

But really, the action in the film is intense.  The fight scenes are great, partially because Keanu Reeves is actually trained in martial arts.  He didn’t learn it just for his role as Neo.  He’s actually a martial artist.  Guns, guns, and more guns.  A lot of beautiful guns.  Maybe too many guns and not enough hand-to-hand.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the action scenes using guns, but I would have loved to see more hand-to-hand combat.

If you go into this movie excited to see action, you’ll be in heaven.  If you go into it hoping there is a good story to drive said action, you’ll actually be pretty happy, which is a nice relief from most modern action films, which seemingly say “F*** having a story, we need EXPLOSIONS”  (See The Expendables and Michael Bay, among many others)  Don’t get me wrong, just because a film has a lot of explosions does not mean it isn’t a good movie with a great plot (See the Marvel Films).



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