Before I Fall Film Review


What would you do if you had to relive the same day over and over again?  This film tries to address that.  I have not read the book, so I can’t speak to that aspect of it.

Samantha Kingston wakes up on “Cupid Day” or the day in which the students at her school get roses from other adoring students.  It’s also the day she is supposed to lose her virginity to her boyfriend.  The school day goes on and we see her in her prime time high school self, with her clique and the people her clique hates and the people they like.  Things continue like normal, yada yada, stereotypical high school party in a high school movie, yada yada other stuff, yada yada, wake up the next  day..except it isn’t the same day, it’s the same day.  Again. and again. and again.  I don’t know about you, but for me, that would have been hell in high school.  It certainly feels like it for Sam.  She tries to change things to see what happens.  Each time, subtly-or not so subtly- changing something else.  It feels different for audiences each time, even in the “and another one” scene because we see different emotional reactions to waking up on the same day at the same time every day.

If she saves herself, someone else gets hurt, if she chooses to take her death as it is, then we are left wondering what happened to the other person.  Sometimes we get a clear answer, and it isn’t a good one, and sometimes we don’t know.

This film tackles one key idea that we as a society should take home and embrace:  What you do matters.  How you choose to live each day matters.  You should cherish those moments and do something that makes an impact.  Watching the pain of others does not make you innocent.  The difference between this and a typical inspirational film?  This one has a lot of darkness to it.

Think Mean Girls meets Groundhog Day.  Haven’t seen those?  WATCH THEM BOTH.  That’s a lot of what you get with this.

At home, Sam is your stereotypical teenager.  She is mean to her little sister, rude to her parents unless she needs something and keeps to herself mostly.

Then of course you have the not-so-secret admirer who has been in love with the main character from the moment they met, the girl everyone loves to hate, the “goth” girl and the hot guy who can’t handle his liquor- you know, the other staples of a high school film.

Even at the end of the film, the audience is left semi-confused as to the question of “Does what we do really make a difference?”

With that,



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