As you can see, the first thing to note is that the Suits got a 21st century upgraded look.  Is this an army of Iron (Wo)Men?  It sure looks like it.

All joking aside, this movie hit all the nostalgia.  All of it.  From the second the title appears, to the first time we hear the theme song mentioned in my title.  To the first time they morph.  Every minute of this film is nostalgic as the Iron folk fight off Loki.  Whoops wrong movie.  (But they are fighting a green loving person with an army and a staff and they do look like Iron Man!)

Ignoring the nostalgia of this film however, it is mediocre.  The story seems forced and cliche.  The action scenes are predictable, yet still entertaining.  Oh and the comedy!  The comedic relief that is Alpha 5.  Priceless.

The camerawork is well done and the accompanying score make the film more enjoyable.

This film isn’t as much a retelling of the Rangers of my generations youth, but more of a rebranding.  Thus the super advanced looking suits and Zordon being the guy from Breaking Bad

The ultimate pinnacle of nostalgia though, is probably in the fight against Goldar.  I waited the entire movie to see the Zords in action.  I could not wait to see MEGAZORD.  And it didn’t disappoint.

This team of Rangers is a ragtag bunch of misfits (similar to yet another Marvel Team, the Guardians of the Galaxy.  You have a group of social outcasts, who were put in that position for various reasons.  You have the jock who tries to pull a stupid prank.  You have the former cheerleader who has issues with the other cheerleaders, the autistic genius, the guy taking care of his single mother in a trailer, and the girl who you don’t find out much about until a little over halfway through the film.

However the film has some success because of the fact that it is able to mix the best parts of the TV series with new experiences to the 20-teens.




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