Alien: Covenant

Sorry for the lack of reviews to those who actually pay attention to this.  Recently had a trip I had to save up for a little bit, but back to the movie theaters regularly soon!



THE FACE HUGGER RETURNS (and other Xenomorphs).

In the age of sequels to prequels, we have a new entry.  Alien: Covenant is the sequel to the 2012 film Prometheus, which was written as a prequel to the Alien franchise.

However, where its predecessor failed, it succeeded and where it succeeded, one could argue this one failed.

The biggest downfall of Prometheus is that it lacked a constant character development arc.  Throughout, we do not really see the characters grow until well into the film.

David, the antagonist of the first film is perhaps the only one to learn and adapt throughout the film.  Perhaps that’s because as an android, his programming is to learn.  We see him become more and more human as the film progresses.  He even starts to question his creation.

During the opening scene of Covenant we see David with Peter Weyland.  We see his birth.  Weyland is asking him to perform simple tasks, perhaps to assess his capacity to obey, or perhaps to test the extent of his knowledge.  We see David question how he was created to serve a man who will inevitably die, when he will live forever.  Fast forward to the next scene.  It looks very similar to the scene from Prometheus in which an android mans a ship while the crew sleeps.  The Covenant is a colony ship.  Aboard the ship are over 2000 colonists.  Walter, the android aboard the Covenant, is forced to awaken some of the crew of the ship early for emergency purposes.

If you’ve seen Prometheus than you know that we haven’t seen the last of David.  Fans everywhere are hoping we get some answers as to what happens after the events of Prometheus, but we don’t.  Not really, anyways.

Where Prometheus was a “you either love it or hate it” film, Covenant seeks to restore faith in the franchise by…leaving us with as many if not more questions than its predecessor.

However, it makes up for the fact that it leaves the audience questioning a lot with the fact that it is also a “back to basics” Alien film.  That is to say, that it is highly similar to the Alien films of old.

The Covenant is a colony ship with over 2000 colonists.  There is another film in the Alien series that someone goes to rescue around that many settlers.

Of course, with the return of the face-huggers and other xenomorphs, it does open the door to this film straying away from being too similar to Prometheus, and closer to the classic Alien movies.

With this film being set in the same universe as Blade Runner, as confirmed via Prometheus, fans will be looking for more hints as to the connection between the two franchises.



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